Sunday, November 21, 2010

Memoirs of a Geisha - As an example of desired cinematography direction

Schedule for shooting days Dec 2-Dec 5th

Call time 7am-7pm

1st day Thursday Dec 2nd (42 shots total)
  • Dinning room scene -9 shots
  • Dressing room scene - 15 shots
  • Apology scene - 6 shots
  • Crowning scene - 3 shots
  • 1st Offering scene - 6 shots
  • Velvet rope scene - 3 shots
2nd day Friday Dec 3rd ( 35 shots total)
  • 2nd Offering scene - 3 shots
  • Funeral scene - 8 shots
  • Abandonment scene - 7shots
  • Private space A - 2 shots
  • Private space B - 11 shots
  • set up lighting for Painting scene for the next day
3rd day Saturday Dec 4th (36 shots total including Battered Scene)
  • Painting scene A - 12 shots
  • Painting scene B - 8 shots
  • Staircase to Nowhere - 9 shots
  • Possibly do the Battered scene too - 7 shots
4th day Sunday Dec 5th (36 shots total)
  • Party scene A - 8 shots
  • Party scene B - 8 shots
  • Museum Scene - 20 shots

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Acting for Girl

Van Van's design for guarded, Tahitian, and funeral costumes

Tara's purple guarded goddess costume, Tara's Tahitian goddess costume, and my character's funeral costume.

Van Van's design for offering scene

My character's warrior costume

Van Van's design for museum scene

My character's museum/glory costume and Tara's museum/glory costume

Talin's designs for costumes

The above costume on the right is my character's 1st party dress. it also has a big peacock tail in the back that's not drawn on this sketch. This is called the Peacock Dress. it's all black with colorful feathers.

The dress on the left is Tara's goddess costume (Light pink, organza) and the first costume we see her in. The costume to the right is Tara's funeral costume (white, gold and silver) for my character's funeral to the old self.

The costume on the left (black with silverish gold lace) is my character's first costume in the film and it portrays her frozen side disconnected from her inner voice. The costume to the right (grey skirt with beige blouse and black buttons) is what society dresses her up in.

I like the same colors being used with different textures

One of 10 environments - "Private Scene"